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Salary of Crew of Foreign Ship Tax Free , Not Indian Ship !


heIts really cruel taxation system that the  salary or remuneration of crew members of a foreign ship are tax free even if ship is in India ,when their counterpart working for  Indian ship do not get the tax free salary . To make issue clear , let me give you  a hypothetical example .

[infobox style=”alert-success”]Say two Indians , one Mr X & Mr Y on 01/04/2013 joins two ships-Mr X joins an Indian ship and Mr Y joins a USA registered ship. Say , both ships( hypothetically) remained docked at Cochin port for 182 days during FY 2013-14. The Result ! The salary of Mr X working on Indian ship will be taxable , whereas of Mr Y working on foreign ship will be tax free.[/infobox]

If you are wondering why , please read carefully all the points below to understand the fundamental reasons for such a clear anomaly in tax treatment .