creating private trust

Create Private Trust for Daughter or Handicapped Children : Why & How

Creating Private Trust can be good future planning for any child, wife or loved ones about whom you may be concerned with questions like “what happens to them after my demise “. There can be a number of circumstance or should I say , many unfortunate circumstances , which can be aptly dealt by creation of private trust . For example, you may have concern for your children or loved in following circumstances

  • A daughter or son in the family paralysed and completely handicapped.
  • Your wife maybe suffering from some ailments and you feel that that son is busy with his own family and has no time for parents
  • A daughter who is married, but son -in-law is not reliable. You fear after you he may sell the property.
  • You have married sister who is poor. You are concerned about her. You want to help even after your demise.
  • You may have a paralytic or mentally challenged son or daughter.
  • There can be many other instances where your concern may be about the future of those people.