RTI to Investigation Wing

Investigation Wing Can’t Take Shelter Under Exemption Clause ! Outcome of Tax Evasion Petition Must be Told to Filer of TEP

RTI to Investigation WingTax Evasion Petition (TEP ) keeps pouring in the investigation wing of the Income Tax Department. The tax evasion petitions are also filed with other field authorities . It is a unwritten law that the authorities never inform the outcome of any action that might have been taken on such petition. When the petitioner does not get any information about the result for his /her petition, they often use the Right to Information Act (RTI) . Now , the RTI Act clearly exempts the office of DGIT (Investigation ) from the purview of the RTI Act . So, the CPIOs posted in DGIT(Investigation ) or DIT(Investigation) often dispose off such RTI petition quoting the exemption notification under RTI Act and not providing any information about the outcome of the TEP. Other authorities under various Commissioners who do not have any exemption , like the DGIT(Inv) , refuse by raising issues like

(i) investigation is going on. So result can not be told

(ii) RTI is not in public interest